Tips to Maintain the Condition of Your Microwave

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Perhaps your microwave is one of those appliances in your house that gets used the most. But people tend to not give importance to the maintenance and care that their microwaves deserve. This only means that your appliance’s longevity could be bargained once you are not careful. Though you don’t actually need to do a lot if you want to maintain your microwave in great condition. Just a bit of regular maintenance tasks can help prolong its lifespan. Given this benefit, we will be providing you a few tips from our industry that specializes in St. Louis appliance repairs regarding how you can maintain the condition of your microwave: 

Clean it 

You need to keep your microwave clean. You would be in shock after knowing that a lot of homeowners do not wash their microwaves ever. The liquid and the food don’t the only splatter inside your microwave causing them to be disgusting, they can also damage particular microwave components once they are just left there. Take note that you can actually remove most liquids and foods easily with a simple combination of warm water and soap. However, there are also cleaning products that are intended for cleaning microwaves that you can buy if you like. 

Guarantee to only utilize dishes that are microwave-friendly 

You have to be extra mindful of the dishes you’ll place in your appliance. There are other materials that aren’t just safe to be placed in the microwave. Once you put these materials in, there is a chance that they will result in explosions or fires.  You should never place any aluminum foil or metal in the microwave, or any dishware containing silver or gold accents. You will be safe if you use most plastic, glass, and ceramic. But just to make sure, it won’t hurt to check the label indicating that the dishware is safe to be microwaved. 

Never overload it 

Just like other appliances, microwaves also have their limit weight capacity. You don’t need to worry about this most of the time because most of the dishes and foods are under this weight capacity. However, if you are planning to microwave heavy dishes or larger frozen items, you have to guarantee that they are just within the standard weight capacity of your microwave. This information is usually seen on the microwave’s door printed. If you cannot see it, try to look online or for the owner’s manual.  

Utilize the programmed timers 

Most of the homeowners rarely utilize pre-programmed cooking times. However, did you know that these times are intended to utilize the appliance as efficiently as possible for you to lessen energy loss? You should start trying out these presets, and you’ll eventually observe that food comes out greater. Aside from that, doing so can help you stop some other bothering microwave problems. 

For more details about maintaining your appliances in tiptop shape, call the team from Diamond Appliances TL right away or visit our website to schedule an appointment for any appliance repair you want. 

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