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All About Tree Surgeons

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While it may seem like a very obvious question a lot of people do not even realize that a tree surgeon carries out a broad variety of jobs. While removal of tree is a huge part of a tree surgeon’s job, their expertise and skills go further than that. If you ever need a tree surgery service, do not hesitate to contact a professional and experienced tree surgeon closest to your location.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

The simple job description is that they are responsible for the general care, pruning, felling and planting as well as the tree maintenance. As a matter of fact, a professional tree service expands beyond that though and it can really help you with a lot of different issues, whether that be assessing your tree for disease or death, that can make them a danger or risk if they fall. In addition to that, they also capable of recommending how to achieve the best condition for your hedge or tree.

Some of the tasks carried out by the professional tree surgeons include:

  • Pollarding
  • Crown work
  • Hedge trimming and cutting
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree removal or felling

What Makes a Tree Surgery Project Very Dangerous?

Tree surgery may involve working at great heights and that is often why people assume it is one of the most hazardous jobs. While this is certain, there are a lot of elements or factors which can make it dangerous such as the tools that are used.

For a tree felling task, chainsaws are being used and without the proper health and safety measures, you can be at high risk of severe injury or worse, death. All professional and experienced tree surgeons fully trained and well-equipped to such tools and also, wear safety clothing and gears such as hard hats, chainsaw gloves, chainsaw boots and a lot more.

What Special Skills Do You Need to be a Professional Tree Surgeon?

It is very essential to think whether you’d be glad working outdoors all of the time prior to pursuing tree surgery as your profession. The choice of working outdoors is basically a sizable plus however, you should always remember that this also entails braving any weather condition such as snow or rain.

The special skills you need include:

  • The ability to perform on the task in different extreme weather conditions, whether this is snow, sleet or high winds.
  • A high degree of physical fitness since tree surgery is a very demanding task. Fundamental tree climbing abilities are also very beneficial.
  • Proficient and experienced in a range of power tools and machinery such as chainsaws.

Do I Require Certain Qualifications?

There are no certain qualifications which are needed in order to be a proficient Guildford tree surgeon. However, studying something such as arboriculture would absolutely give you some benefits. Trainings in emergency first aid is also a must so you need to make sure that you are fully trained and well-equipped with special tools, knowledge and experience, as well as kept updated on all aspects of first aid. down a tree.

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